Ping command – Why do you need to use it?

Ping command – Definition

The Ping command is one of your operating system’s built-in network diagnostic commands (Windows, Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, etc.). Ping is used to testing connectivity between your device and the target, which can be a hostname such as or an IP address such as

Ping sends four 32-byte messages to the target by default, using the ICMP protocol (Internet control message protocol).

Popular examples of Ping command

What can you test with it?

  • Check to see if a specific device, such as your server, is now connected. If you can access it, it suggests there is a link between you and the objective.
  • Test to see if the target answers quickly enough. You can check and write down the target on a regular basis. If the target answers more slowly than usual, there may be a problem that needs to be investigated further.
  • You can examine different areas of the network to discover if a bottleneck exists.
  • Maintain the Ping command running all the time so you can keep an eye on the target. This can be used with your server to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

How to use the Ping command?

The Ping command verifies that you are connected to a host (IP address or hostname). We’ll show you two different ways to use the Ping command depending on Operating System that you are using.

  • On Windows

You can use the Ping command from the Command Prompt or PowerShell if you’re using Windows. Both methods function in the same way. To use one of these, go to the Windows start menu and type the name of the software you want to use – Command Prompt or PowerShell – into the search box. Select the icon.

Once the software is open, type one of the following commands and click Enter:




Replace and with the domain name or IP address you want to test.

  • On Linux and macOS

The Terminal provides a relatively similar way to use the ping command on Linux and macOS.

If you use the Linux Operating System, click the Start button and type “Terminal.” Then, click on it when you find it.

On macOS, you may discover the Terminal by going to the Launchpad and putting Terminal into the search box. Then select Terminal from the drop-down menu.

Now type the Ping command into the command prompt and click Enter:




As you can see, the commands are the same, but in one case, we use Command Prompt/PowerShell, and in the other, we use Terminal application. Of course, this depends entirely on your Оperating System.


Let’s review. The Ping command is crucial for swiftly detecting, diagnosing, and resolving problems. In addition, it’s really easy and simple to use. And it is already installed on your computer. It’s just waiting for you to give it a shot and make the most of it!

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